NYU Langone Health Raises More Than $2 Million At Art Auction for Veterans

In support of our veterans, NYU Langone Health recently held their Bank of America Annual Art Auction. Featuring pieces by Andy Warhol, Norman Rockwell and David Hockney, the event successfully raised $2 million, making it possible to further research and expand health services for veterans and their families.

Here is an excerpt from the press release (December 14, 2017):

“Kenneth G. Langone, chair of the Board of Trustees at NYU Langone, said, ‘One of the things that NYU Langone is most proud of is the program that we’ve created for veterans. The injuries that come back from this war are some of the most difficult to deal with, so it’s very important we continue to provide these services to these men and women, and their families.’”

Read more on their impact here.