Mouse and Code/Interactive Announce Plans to Merge Bringing the Future of Creative Computing to All Youth

Business Insider recently announced the planned merger of technology nonprofits Mouse and Code/Interactive. By joining forces, the two organizations are expanding their reach and closing the opportunity gap in STEM, for all youth. Here is an excerpt from the press release (November 1, 2017):

“While the national attention on STEM programs is increasing, the opportunity gap remains enormous. This is further exaggerated in underserved communities, which also adds a diversity challenge, said Kirk McDonald, Co-Chair, Board of Directors. “Despite the best efforts of many nonprofit organizations and attention from the US Government and private-sector funding, we remain woefully behind in terms of scalable and repeatable programs.”

“Mouse and Code/Interactive have a shared vision to close the opportunity gap,” said Amy Kadomatsu, Co-Chair, Board of Directors. “We bring together the best in creative technologies with computer science, giving young people opportunities to develop critical skills and be prepared for jobs that may not even exist today.”

Read more on the planned merger here.