JED on Why We Should Talk About Mental Health Now

The Jed Foundation’s Chief Medical Officer, Victor Schwartz MD, on the importance of opening conversations about mental health with young adults as they transition to college:

“For so many young people and their families September is a time associated with the invigorating feeling of setting off for a new school year with renewed focus, new opportunities, rekindled friendships and the promise of increasing independence. For adults and parents, there’s a sense of reward as we watch the next generation learn and take charge of their lives.

So why start a conversation about mental health and suicide prevention this time of year?

Because mental health conditions are common, stress is common and unexpected changes in life are common; and sadly, the toll of mental health conditions and suicide on our youth is heavy. Because engaging in an ongoing conversation about mental health with our young people will reinforce the sense of connectedness, promote emotional well-being and provide valuable information. Talking about it helps – it gives a young person the skills and knowledge to help themselves.”

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