New Victory Theater Shares Research on the Importance of Performing Arts for Students

Our partners at New Victory have unveiled the results of a longitudinal study on the role of the performing arts in schools. The study, which ran from 2015-2019, partnered with NYC schools where there was no formal art teachers or programming to measure the impact of performing arts programming on students in grades 3-8.

What they found makes a compelling case for access to the performing arts and performing arts education for every student—and every person. New Victory found that access to and engagement with the performing arts:

1. Cultivates an enduring love of the performing arts

2. Expands perspectives and interpersonal skills that strengthen teamwork

3. Inspires creative thinking, which encourages innovation and problem solving

4. Nurtures hope and improves self-confidence, which fosters optimism and resilience

New Victory’s findings and work are especially crucial now, as we come to understand the full scope and implications of Covid-19-related challenges and their effects on children’s social and emotional well-being. As their research shows, the performing arts are uniquely situated to fill that need.

You can read the full report here.