10 Election Resources to Ensure Your Voices + Choices Count

Additive was founded on the belief that every one of us has the potential to effect positive change, but together we have the power to do so much more good.

It’s this guiding principle that makes us so passionate about voter rights and participation. Now, with one of the most important elections of our time fast approaching, we wanted to share tools and tips to ensure every one of our voices is heard.

Below, you’ll find resources to help you — or your friends, colleagues and neighbors — get ready to vote. If you’re already registered, we’ve also included some organizations that protect and expand voting rights all across the country, so you can consider donating time or other resources. And of course, you can always volunteer for a candidate at the local or national level.


Andrew Goodman Foundation

Named after Andrew Goodman, a Freedom Summer volunteer committed to justice and equality, this organization amplifies young voices and votes to ensure a just democracy. The Andrew Goodman Foundation has chapters across colleges and universities in the United States, providing programs and resources to help students understand their voting rights, update their voter registration and drive civic engagement.

Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote

Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote was created to mobilize Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) to be more civically engaged. They host a number of events and programs to mobilize AAPI communities around the nation while offering resources to help them understand their voting rights and deadlines.

Black Votes Matter Fund

The Black Votes Matter Fund (BVM) aims to increase power in marginalized communities by championing Black voter registration and turnout. BVM provides voting toolkit equipped with tools aimed to help you register to vote, request an absentee ballot, check your voter registration status and much more.

Campus Vote Project

Campus Vote Project (CVP) was launched to help students overcome barriers to voting. Through resources such as State Student Guides and the Student Voter Engagement Handbook, CVP works with colleges and universities to inform and empower students with the information needed to register and vote.

Fair Fight

Fair Fight was created by Stacey Abrams to help fight voter suppression of young voters and voters of color. They offer voter protection tools and national programs while combatting issues to advocate for voter mobilization, educational activities and pro-voting rights.

Florida Rights Restoration Coalition

Florida Rights Restoration Coalition is run by Returning Citizens (Formerly Convicted Persons) and works to end the disenfranchisement against people with convictions. Although they’re based in Florida, they offer resources such as voter guides and voter toolkits for people across the country.

Rock the Vote

One of the most visible youth-voter organizations, Rock the Vote works to engage younger Millennial and Gen-Z voters by providing resources on how to get registered, be educated and speak up on social issues. They often partner with popular brands that reach young voters, like Levi’s, Tinder and American Eagle.


Vote.org is the largest nonprofit, nonpartisan voting registration platform in the United States. The platform is equipped with tools to help you quickly and simply check your voter registration status, register to vote and/or request an absentee ballot.

Voto Latino

Voto Latino unites and empowers Latinx communities across the country to usher in a new generation of voters. Currently they’ve set a goal of registering 500,000 new voters before this November, and their website has easy-to-follow guides on registration, voter preparation and a guide to key issues in this year’s election.

When We All Vote

When We All Vote is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization committed to transforming our civic culture through voter registration and participation. The organization hosts a number of virtual local voter registration events and has a resource hub with information about registering to vote, voter rights, voting by mail and more.