Technology Disrupts How, But Not Why, People Engage With Brands

Technology is often viewed through the lens of “disruption.” There’s no question that technology, and particularly mobile and social media, transforms how people interact with each other and brands. However, the buzz around “disruption” overshadows an equally compelling trend. In many ways, technology reinforces universal, timeless reasons why people engage with brands.

Over the last decade, we’ve conducted extensive global research to uncover what motivates people to engage with brands in the social sector. In study after study, we’ve found that people want to:

  • Understand a brand’s distinct approach
  • Feel a personal connection
  • Believe that real, measurable impact can be achieved

These motivators transcend region and audience—from high-net worth individuals to small-scale donors. And, if anything, they’re gaining importance over time.

One reason is that technology raises people’s expectations in terms of what it means to communicate clearly, participate in something meaningful and gauge real impact:

Technology hasn’t disrupted what people want in purpose-driven brands. It’s simply deepened their demand for clarity, engagement and impact.

But to meet these timeless needs today, purpose-driven brands need to innovate how they communicate, create and capture their impact like never before.