What We’re Reading This Summer

Great stories are at the heart of all great brands. So it’s no surprise that as Additive Agents head for vacation destinations all over the globe, there’s one thing that makes it into everyone’s luggage: a good book! Here’s a quick round-up of what you’ll find in our carry-ons this summer. If you’d like to pick up a copy for yourself, we recommend your local independent bookstore or library.



Abbey’s Pick Cat’s Cradle

Kurt Vonnegut

“A twisted and surreal view on the world weaved into a story about the dangers of technology, religion, free will and the consequences of our actions.”



Andy’s Pick A Gentleman in Moscow

Amor Towles

“I fell in love with the protagonist in this book: a person of character, integrity, and honor, with and incredible ability to preserve in the face of adversity.”



Chinny’s Pick Humans of New York: Stories

Brandon Stanton

“Real people, real stories. Simply put, Humans of New York beautifully captures the human experience and is a great reminder that we’re not so different after all.”



Hayley’s Pick Born a Crime

Trevor Noah

“Having lived through apartheid firsthand, I wasn’t sure I wanted to relive the experience. However, from the very first page, this memoir was both haunting and hopeful, demonstrating the enduring power of love and resilience to transcend even the most challenging of contexts.”



Hubert’s Pick Motherless Brooklyn

Jonathan Lithium

“The story features an unlikely hero with Tourette’s syndrome in a noir thriller which takes place in nearby Carroll Gardens.”



Jackie’s Pick Sentimental Journey

Nobuyoshi Araki

“It is a photo essay about life and death. Photos taken from the artist’s first encounter with his wife in 1968 until her premature death from ovarian cancer in 1990.”



Janice’s Pick Naturally Tan

Tan France

“An uplifting but insightful summer read that touches upon both the joys and hardships of growing up as a minority. It’s a refreshingly honest insight into Tan’s life and reads as though you’re having a one-on-one conversation with him.”



John’s Pick The Adventure of English

Melvyn Bragg

“Although it’s not your typical beach read, this is an approachable, fun (really!) overview of how English developed into the language it is today. A must-read for fellow word nerds.”



Justin’s Pick The Soul of an Octopus

Sy Montgomery

“Breezy but brainy, this lovingly written investigation into the most alien life-form on earth makes a perfect summer read that will bend your mind and maybe even rend your heart.”



Rachel’s Pick People of the Book

Geraldine Brooks

“The story traces the path of a sacred book through generations, countries and cultures and you don’t want to miss any stop along the way.”



Ricardo’s Pick  Amador

Fernando Savater

“Spanish philosopher Fernando Savater writes a book to his son Amador about ethics, the nature of freedom and a life worth living.”