Allergan Announces Fund to Support JED Campus

Excerpt from PR Newswire (June 8, 2016):

“The Allergan Foundation, a U.S.-based private charitable foundation endowed by Allergan plc, today announced that it will provide a three-year, $300,000 scholarship commitment to support The Jed Foundation’s JED Campus Program, a nationwide initiative designed to empower schools with customized support to enhance student mental health and improve substance abuse and suicide prevention efforts. The scholarship fund was created to ensure that schools with limited resources can access the JED Campus Program and build effective and sustainable mental health safety nets to support student well-being.

The JED Campus Program helps participating colleges and universities assess and improve their mental health, substance abuse, and suicide prevention policies and programming. Beyond supporting schools in these critical, under-resourced areas, this initiative also brings the importance of  mental health to the forefront of national attention.”

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